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Austria, at the geographical heart of Europe, is renowned for its wonderful ski resorts set on spectacular mountains, overlooking crystal-clear lakes and voluptuously green valleys. Throughout the country are glorious architectural reminders of the once-powerful Hapsburgs and who dominated central Europe for seven centuries.

Nowhere is the legacy more evident than in the capital, Vienna, with its ornate Opera House and the former imperial residence of the Hofburg. Austria`s other cities are similarly infused with a historical magic, notably Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, with stunning Baroque churches set before a backdrop of snow-covered peaks, and Innsbruck, in the centre of the Austrian Alps. But Austria is also a hothouse of striking contemporary architecture, reflecting a modern country at the forefront of engineering, invention and design, and whose modern and efficient social system ensures a high quality of living for most of its residents.

Austria has a justifiable reputation for music, the arts and literature, but also boasts a gourmet culture. The legendary Gem tlichkeit a relaxed enjoyment of life is in evidence in the cafes, where the art of coffee-drinking has been raised to a high art, and the many Heurigen, where the latest vintages are accompanied by vast quantities of food. Nightlife is versatile, offering laid-back taverns, beer gardens and excellent après-ski, as well as many trendy clubs and dance venues packed to the small hours.

Opportunity at Maastricht Hotel School (Maastricht), Netherlands
Programs: Bachelor in Hotel Management; Master course in Innovative Tourism Management and MBA in Hotel Management

Maastricht Hotel Management School is a bachelor degree course in hospitality management. Moreover, Maastricht Hotel Management School offers two master~s degree courses. On graduation, you can embark on a career as a manager or consultant with hospitality and service organizations such as hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and congress and conference centres.

The training course is centred around the professional profile or skills needed to be a hospitality manager. Since its foundation in 1950, Maastricht Hotel Management School has built up an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. The annual intake of students is 300 and at present, approximately 1,100 young adults are studying at our institute. Teaching and administration staff roughly number 120.

The ancient city of Maastricht attracts over 15 million tourists each year. It can be said that the magic of the city is a significant reason for students to enrol here. Many people consider Maastricht to be the most “European” city in Europe. With over 1500 officially registered monuments, the citys future as a highly valued tourist attraction is guaranteed and the hundreds of pubs and restaurants make it an excellent centre of recreation for young and old.

As a result of the establishment of modern industries, service companies and institutions of learning in recent decades, the region has also become a destination for businessmen and scientists. Consequently, Maastricht has moved into the top 30 of leading international congress cities in the world – ahead of major cities such as Madrid, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong!

Opportunity at Saxion University of Professional Education (Apeldoorn / Deventer / Enschede) Netherlands Programs: Bachelor courses; Master courses

The Saxion Universities are located in the East of the Netherlands on two campuses, in the old Dutch cities of Deventer and Enschede. International students follow both Bachelor and Master programmes in 20 different pathways. International programmes are taught in English and comprise both business and more technical studies. The Saxion Universities have a student population of approximately 17,000 including 1,000 international students, in their Bachelor and Master programmes. The philosophy of Saxion Universities is to offer education in small groups. The building in Deventer for example has only four large college rooms.

The centre of Deventer has an interesting, although simple, shopping centre. You will find tradition Dutch shops, department stores, and modern jeans and shoe boutiques. The cafes and restaurants make Deventer a pleasant town to have a night out.

The campus of Saxion Hogeschool Enschede is situated in a quiet green part of the town, next to the city park and a few minutes away from bus and train station and the lovely town centre. In the past decade Enschede has become one of the most loved Dutch student cities.

Opportunity at Queensbury College (London), United Kingdom (England)
Study Opportunities: Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses at Queensbury College (London)

Queensbury College is Located in Trocoll House and is adjacent to Barking tube station and rail links carrying you to all areas of London. Queensbury College is proud to be among those institutions in the UK that are renowned for most advantageous quality standards throughout the world. Our courses are designed in a unique way that will develop you to have the right skills, not only academically but also industrially. Queensbury College prides itself as being one of the best Hi-Tech equipped institutions in the UK.

Our extensive range of taught courses is designed to be of the very highest quality and of direct relevance to the IT Industry, Business Studies, Hospitality Management and Law etc. We provide the resources and the learning environment in which our students can maximize their personal development. The central focus of education at Queensbury College is that students should graduate with an ability to be effective and efficient in future business or employment, whether they choose to stay in the UK or return back to their countries of origin or explore the global markets.

London is a global leader in the provision of higher education to international students. Qualifications from England are recognized and respected all over the world and quality standards for all English institutions are among the best. Universities, colleges and schools continually have to prove that their courses meet strict criteria. With Queensbury College your qualification will be firmly based to build your future, stimulate your career; and consequently, better your chances to get a higher salary.

Queensbury College will provide an interactive, creative and challenging environment in which to develop your potential. This is an essential part of the learning experience that Queensbury College can offer you through the rich history and tradition surrounding English educational institutions, to study relevant, world-class qualifications of exceptional quality.

Opportunity at Wittenborg University of Professional Education (Deventer), Netherlands
Programs: University Preparation Courses, Bachelor Courses

The Wittenborg University of Professional Education is a small state-accredited, skills-oriented institution and it has been active since 1987, with as most important goal, the integration of theory and practice in higher education. This can still be seen as the most important drive behind Wittenborg`s education, leading students to a solid base on which to build a successful and exciting career in the future, with secure prospects.

Practice and theory in the real world cannot be divided, and it is this combination in study that makes the higher vocational education provided by the Wittenborg such an exciting and challenging prospect for students. Deventer, a Hanseatic town on the river IJssel. A town on a river always has a certain atmosphere: vivacious, frivolous, and even exuberant; life is good when you are living near a river! It is as if the flowing water provides the town with some sort of reviving elixir. Maybe that is the reason why Deventer bursts with vitality a lively town with a historic ambience and beautiful surroundings.

It is that same river IJssel which has been an important factor in creating the surrounding landscape. Deventer, Diepenveen, Schalkhaar, Lettele en Okkenbroek have a lot to offer and therefore welcome you to this hospitable Hanseatic town on the IJssel.

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