Eligibility & Docs

Eligibility Criteria for Admission
Admission will be granted on the basis of date of registration and meeting the eligibility criteria. A limited number of available seats are declared by the University for each course. In order to join any degree programme / course, the student must meet the following conditions:

Qualified in respective diploma / degree / course / programme.
Age as on joining a diploma / degree / course / programme.
Willing to be employed outside India.

Essential Documents Required for Admission
For grant of admission the student must forward the following:

Certified copies of 10th and 12th class education.
Certified copies of Diploma / Degree Qualification (if any).
4 passport size photographs.
Certified copies of Residence Proof. (e.g. Rashan Card, Electroll Card, etc.)
Authorised Bank Statements would be required on demand

Each student will be required to provide a copy of passport, police clearance certificate and medical certificate during second semester for processing their visa applications.
Awareness Module
Ample opportunities will be available to the students to upgrade their knowledge base about the specific work culture, HR policies and local customs and traditions of the likely country of future employment- US, Canada and other European Countries. Even before the students take up their internship training in the US or NZ, an indoctrination module shall be conducted to create awareness about the following aspects:

Cultural, social and other peculiarities of the new country.
Trade practices.
Expected differences in work cultures of both countries with particular reference to work environment.
Available opportunities for further study and development in the new environment.
Guidelines on finding safe and secure boarding & lodging facilities.
Environmental conditions
Dos and don’ts list.

Special Characteristics

The partnership with Universities to conduct any degree / diploma courses will ensure international standards education facility for a WHO approved degree for exploring employment avenues in the US, Canada and Europe. The exceptional aspects of the programme are:

  • Individual Assessment-Admission time assessment of the students to identify their specific individual problem areas for expert guidance and attention.

  • Language skills- All students will be required to join English language classes everyday to improve their writing and speaking capabilities to bring it at par with IELTS BAND 7 or more.

  • High speed internet connection- High speed internet access will be provided within the institute to all students to encourage research from various sources.

  • Laptop Computers- All students will be encouraged through a institutional negotiated deal to acquire personal laptop computers to ensure familiarity with the international work culture.

  • Expert`s visits- Various experts from the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, trade and other connected fields will be requested to address our students on a regular basis. These interactive sessions shall be organized on a monthly basis from second semester onwards.

  • Self improvement modules- All students will be subjected to motivational and self improvement exercises with experts during the course. These sessions will be organized for self analysis, goal setting and SWOT (STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS) analysis.