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Mediterranean beaches, paella by the plateful and sangria in the sun. Southern Spain has long been a popular place, but tourists are increasingly turning to the fascinations of another Spain and far removed from the high-rise developments lining the Costa del Sol. Spain is a treasure chest of unforgettable and beautiful scenery. Separating Spain from France are the snow-capped Pyrenees, as well as having breathtaking views, offer resorts including La Molina and Panticosa with plenty of opportunities for great skiing.

In the north, the winding rivers and lush, green forests of Galicia present a picture not usually associated with Spain, and is in a complete contrast to the Moorish-influenced south, Galician culture traces its routes to a Celtic origin. Everywhere are reminders of Spain`s rich and varied past, from the Alhambra in Granada to Don Quixote`s windmills in La Mancha.

Barcelona Business School (Barcelona), Spain

As one of Europe`s leading independent, privately held international business schools, Barcelona Business School (BBS) is internationally renowned for their practical approach to contemporary business and management education.

By bringing the American model to Europe, Barcelona Business School fills a void left by Europe`s traditional institutions: the need to link classroom theory to real life applications and professional skills. However, the ability to apply classroom theory is no longer sufficient. Successful managers of today must have the academic background, managerial skills, entrepreneurial initiative and moral, to anticipate and solve the complicated problems of the global marketplace of tomorrow. The rapid evolution of the international marketplace demands an understanding not only of international business methodology, but also of a variety of cultural differences and influences.

The down-to-earth approach of the Barcelona Business School considers all of the above, including employing a renowned international faculty, continuously reviewing the dynamic academic curricula offered, attracting a truly international student body, and providing a state-of-the-art study environment.

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