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Study Possibilities in Chech Republic

The country is home to an immense number of fascinating castles, churches and other architectural gems. It has always been famous for its musicians, and there are a number of all types of concerts and festivals to choose from. Best of all, the Czechs are very hospitable people, eager to make any visit as enjoyable as possible.

Tourism in the Czech Republic dates from the 1989 Velvet Revolution and is largely focused on Prague (near the middle of Bohemia), with its great museums, concerts, galleries and many other attractions. Many day trips are available from Prague, including the great western spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Marie, settlements like Kutne Hora and castles like Karletejn. The rest of the country has much to offer the independent traveller. Although prices have continue to rise over the past decade, the country still represents very good value for money.

The umava Mountains of south Bohemia offer an excellent range of sports, and well-preserved medieval towns like eKrumlov. Northeastern Bohemia`s mountains, like the …, offer great hiking amidst unusual scenery. In Moravia, the eastern half of the country, life is less hectic; Brno provides an great base for exploring historic towns like Olomouc and Krome.

Opportunity at Europort Business School (Prague), Czech Republic
Preparatory program for the Bachelor Courses in International Business

Prep school: extra preparation for foreign students
Prep School is a special preparatory course, taking four months or a year, for (foreign) students who want to follow an English-language bachelor education within the Netherlands. This course prepares you for the Western (business) culture, and the Dutch culture in particular. You will receive intensive training on your English communication skills. This course is intended to take away any obstacles that might endanger taking an English-language bachelor education at EPBS within the Netherlands.

In order to get the most from yourself and from an education at EPBS in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, taking part in a term at the Prep School will provide you with an excellent start. The Prep School has originally been set up for (future) students, for whom a different culture and the English-language might be an obstacle during their studies. On top of that, they will be trained in skills, and in developing knowledge, which is considered to be indispensable in their further studies.

In Prep School you will be trained in an active way to take part in a group. You will debate with fellow students, hold presentations and exchange knowledge. You will learn to work with standard office software, and you will receive coaching in order to optimise your studying skills. Relaxation and a social programme will also form an integral part of the curriculum.

Students who, at the start of the training or after the exam, reach an IELTS score lower than 5.0 points, can only take part in the one-year Prep school education.

Bachelor Courses:

  • Program Dates: September, November, January, March, May, July
  • Program Duration: 6 months or 1 year full time

Admission Requirements:

    For the program at EPBS you will need to be fluent in English. On top of this the following academic admission requirements apply:

    • Leaving certificate for secondary school (FSE/Plus 1/Plus 2/Inter/GED High School)
    • Application Deadlines: 2 months before commencement


    • The FE / EPBS Application Form
    • Photocopy of passport
    • An English translation of secondary school transcript and a copy of the transcript in the original language Letter of Motivation.

    Please note: There are additional documents to be handed in for the visa procedure. Ask your local agent.

    Opportunity at The New Anglo-American College in Prague (Prague)

    Since its founding as the Anglo-American College in 1990, AAC has been committed to providing a unique undergraduate education taught in English and based on the best American and British academic traditions: small, interactive classes focused on students~ abilities to think critically, openly and independently.

    Located in the Prague~s historic Malá Strana, the New Anglo-American College has become a centre of academic excellence where students from Central Europe and the world over come to pursue academic study while exploring the city, encountering diversity and developing an independent voice.

    From the beginning, the Anglo-American College has consisted of three schools: the School of Business Administration, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Legal Studies. In 2000 an accreditation from the European Council for Business Accreditation was awarded to the School for Business and this accreditation is now renewed.

    In 2004 the institute is teaching a British validated program in Comparative Law. The University of Wales validates the program. They provide academic guidance, quality control and issue the final Bachelors degree earned at the end of the program.

    Today, we are very happy to say that the college is privileged to have the most beautiful location in the historical heart of Prague. All classes, administration and library are now located in the Place of the Knight of Malta in Malá Strana. The institute hopes and believes that their students receive the imprint from both the special beauty and spirit of that place which links them with history and culture, and from the quality of education, that opens the future for their students.

    Visa Regulations for the Czech Republic
    NON-EU citizens planning to stay in the CR longer than 90 days must ask for a long-term visa at a Czech embassy.


    • All documents must be presented in the original or a notarized copy.
    • All affidavits and legal documents issued and/or signed in the Czech Republic must be notarized by a Czech notary.
    • All documents must not be older than 180 days.
    • All foreign documents must be presented in translations to the Czech language with authentication.

    Translations: please note that the Czech Embassy does not provide translation services. The Embassy can only notarize translations for the Czech offices.


    Since long term visas are only issued by the Czech Embassies abroad, applicants must wait their applications to be processed. It is forbidden to travel to the Czech Republic without the proper visa. Visas may only be collected at the Embassy/Consulate where the application was submitted.

    The processing time is approximately 90 days since the date the complete application has been handed in (60 days in case of a study). In particularly complicated cases the procedure could take up to 180 days. Issuing a visa – after the Embassy receives an approval of your application from the Czech Immigration Police, you will be asked to come and collect your visa with your passport.

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