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England’s rich history and scenic diversity render it one of the world~s most popular visitor destinations in the world. Although only united as a single nation 1000 years ago, its origins go back to the dawn of civilisation, and the variety it offers reflects this. From the prehistoric Stonehenge to the 21st-century attractions like London~s Millennium Eye, man has contributed much to the appeal of the UK~s largest country. This is not restricted to a material legacy, either – England~s cultural mix is rich, due to the many invaders, settlers and immigrants who have arrived through the millennia. Countless others around the globe share customs, language and history with the English themselves. England’s heritage is many faceted and deeply rooted, ranging from the literary genius of Shakespeare to the pageantry in the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

The contrast and variety in the nation~s countryside is enormous, too, and is often a source of surprise to visitors venturing beyond the cities for the first time – as is the range of visitor attractions, resorts and sights to just see and enjoy. With time to spare, go off the tourist trails and wander over the peaceful countryside, savour ~real~ ale at a country pub, visit a traditional town market, or try England~s ~new-wave~ wines and a cosmopolitan cuisine that rivals any in the world. England is welcoming, friendly, fascinating and fun, where pomp and circumstance balance the often bizarre idiosyncrasies of its people, and a sense of humour is usually the passport to acceptance.

Queens-bury College (London), United Kingdom (England)Study Opportunities: Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses at Queensbury College (London)

Queens-bury College is Located in Trocoll House and is adjacent to Barking tube station and rail links carrying you to all areas of London. Queensbury College is proud to be among those institutions in the UK that are renowned for most advantageous quality standards throughout the world. Our courses are designed in a unique way that will develop you to have the right skills, not only academically but also industrially. Queensbury College prides itself as being one of the best Hi-Tech equipped institutions in the UK.

Our extensive range of taught courses is designed to be of the very highest quality and of direct relevance to the IT Industry, Business Studies, Hospitality Management and Law etc. We provide the resources and the learning environment in which our students can maximize their personal development. The central focus of education at Queensbury College is that students should graduate with an ability to be effective and efficient in future business or employment, whether they choose to stay in the UK or return back to their countries of origin or explore the global markets.

London is a global leader in the provision of higher education to international students. Qualifications from England are recognized and respected all over the world and quality standards for all English institutions are among the best. Universities, colleges and schools continually have to prove that their courses meet strict criteria. With Queensbury College your qualification will be firmly based to build your future, stimulate your career; and consequently, better your chances to get a higher salary. Queensbury College will provide an interactive, creative and challenging environment in which to develop your potential. This is an essential part of the learning experience that Queensbury College can offer you through the rich history and tradition surrounding English educational institutions, to study relevant, world-class qualifications of exceptional quality.

RIMS College (London), United Kingdom (England)

RIMS College is located in the heart of London`s Docklands development. Although situated in the bustling Docklands the campus offers a quite contemplative sanctuary of learning, with naturally lit rooms and pleasant views over trees and water. This all creates an ambience that fosters imaginative and innovative ideas. They have rooms ranging from classrooms through computer-based areas to the highly specialized research laboratory. Equally importantly the administrative and teaching staff offer students an especially warm welcome and will help them develop their confidence, enterprise and talents.

Modern and Diverse areas of study offered by RIMS make it a unique and continuous learning experience for students to enhance their subject skills by keeping up with modern advancements in their respective fields. All levels of studies are covered starting from certificate level courses up to PhD. Now students can diversify from their preliminary field of study into a new area by opting for a certificate course. This will put them on a fast study track leading to higher education within a shorter period of time then is normally required to complete a degree in a single field. He can start at pre- master level at RIM in the field of business and management and then can opt for his Master degree in business.

The curriculum is specially designed to provide our students an in depth knowledge of the subject by covering minuscule details along with the major aspects. The main focus is on the research and development in the subject area so as to keep students updated about the developments and advancements in their respective fields. Faculty is hand picked, and experts of their respective fields. They have got not only strong academic background but also market and industry exposure. That is because RIMS believes that only book knowledge can not produce masters of the field. RIMS wishes to equip students with practical knowledge as well.

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