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Welcome to our centuries-old universities in Budapest, Szeged and Pecs!

Hungary offers high-standard programs in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science and Human Kinesiology. Besides medical subjects you can also study Business, Psychology, Physical Education and Music, or various disciplines of Health Care. In the past two decades more than 10.000 international students got enrolled at the universities in Hungary. In 2003, thousand former students celebrated the 20th Anniversary Alumni Reunion in Budapest. Today, the top 10 countries of student enrollment are Germany, Israel, Norway, Cyprus, Iran, Sweden, USA, Nigeria, China and Canada.

The Buda Castle and the Castle Hill

You can consider a few facts:

  • The Hungarian university training in sciences dates back to the 13th century
  • Our international programs in English and German started in 1983
  • Our medical degrees are recognized by the WHO and all our degrees are automatically accepted in the EU
  • The programs are run by highly qualified academic staff and the seminars are performed in small group sizes
  • All our universities are located either at the capital or at traditional university towns with lively international student communities
  • We offer competitive tuition fees combined with reasonable living costs
  • Join the lively international student communities in Budapest, Szeged or Pe`cs, the traditional university towns of Hungary.

Before choosing a program, think it over twice if it is the right profession for you. Starting a university program in a different language than your mother tongue in a new environment is a real challenge. Of course, it is rewarding also. After a while you will become much more independent. You will feel your self-confidence growing and you will meet a lot of new people from different cultures.

Start planning well in advance. You should decide what is more suitable for you, studying in a busy metropolis with many temptations, or choosing a more peaceful university town, where groups are smaller and life is more relaxed. Please, check all the admission criteria, and if you think that your knowledge of English or any of the examination subjects is not sufficient, you should choose a preparatory year. All the degrees provided by the state universities in Budapest, Szeged and Pécs are accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Board.

Hungary joined the European Union on May 1, 2004. As a full member of the EU, the country enjoys equal status to the other member states. It means among others that the degrees granted by the Hungarian universities are automatically recognized in all EU-countries. The EU directives list a few professions with common educational criteria. These are medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. Such professional qualifications must be recognized without any licensing examinations. (Certain language skills can be required, though.) The EU-recognition applies only to the nationals of the member states.

The preparatory courses provide a smooth adaptation year for all the newcomers. Our teachers care about teaching and they care about you. You will meet international students from different cultures in small-size groups. You will get adapted to an independent way of life and you will learn how to prepare yourself to oral and written exams. The preparatory course is also a social experience. Social events, trips to the countryside, lectures about Hungarian culture will make this year an unforgettable experience before your university studies.

E`s Lornd University Faculty of Education and Psychology (Budapest), Hungary
The Institute of Psychology is one the largest departments of the Lor`nd E`s University, which is a major higher educational institutions in Budapest with an academic staff of 1.800 persons and a student enrollment over 12.000. The predecessor of the university was founded in 1635 by Cardinal Péter Pázmány in Nagyszombat. In 1784 the university moved to Pest and its name changed to Royal Hungarian University.

Since 1950 the institution bears the name of the Hungarian scientist Loránd E`s, the inventor of the torsion pendulum. We welcome students for the three-year undergraduate program, leading to a Bachelor~s Degree, as well as, to the subsequent two-year graduate program, leading to a Master~s Degree. You will certainly meet quite a few other international students, since the department hosts the Study Abroad programs of the Universities of California and Wisconsin.

Many members of the faculty have a broad experience of teaching and research in English-speaking countries, and all maintain close contacts with colleagues abroad. This ensures that the program keeps a high international standard responding to the developments in the field of psychology. The Department of Psychology is located at an easily accessible location in the middle of the Pest side of Budapest. The university provides a wide range of student services, sport and leisure facilities.

McDaniel College of Budapest (Budapest), Hungary

Located at the crossroadof Europe, McDaniel College of Budapest offers a standard American four-year English-language undergraduate program in Budapest, leading to the award of a Bachelor of Arts Degree. McDaniel College is a fully accredited private College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, located in Westminster, Maryland, U.S.A., where students from 21 countries prepare for lives of leadership and service. The European Campus of McDaniel College in Budapest is fully accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the accrediting agency for McDaniel College. McDaniel College Budapest is registered in Hungary as a foreign institution of higher education by the permission of the Hungarian Minister of Education. It offers a standard American four-year undergraduate program in Hungary, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. A unique feature of the program is that students have the option to complete the upper two years of study at the main campus of the college in the United States.

The Budapest Campus of McDaniel College functions as a study abroad center for American undergraduate students wishing to spend one semester in Europe. It offers an opportunity to take regular college-level courses for credit and explore the “Old World” at the same time as all major destinations are within easy reach from Budapest. Students from the Westminster campus can also come to Budapest for study abroad semesters.

The courses at McDaniel College Budapest are taught by a highly qualified and experienced faculty of American, British, and Hungarian professors who have held senior teaching positions both in the United States and in Europe. Successful completion of the entire four-year program will result in the awarding of a Bachelor of Arts degree from McDaniel College. This degree prepares students for positions as professionals in business, banking, government service, or the media.

About Hungary and Buda – Pest

Hungary is situated in Central Europe, sharing borders with the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Slovenia. There are several ranges of hills, mainly in the north and west. The capital city of Budapest, located on one of the most beautiful areas of the Danube, is made up of 2 parts – Buda and Pest. Buda is the older, more graceful, part with cobbled streets and medieval buildings and Pest is the commercial centre.

Budapest is a lively city that has long been a haven for writers, musicians and artists. The Historical Museum of Budapest contains archaeological remains of the old city, and furnishings, glass and ceramics from the 15th century. On the Pest side is the Parliament and the Hungarian National Museum, containing remarkable treasures including the oldest skull yet found in Europe.

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