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Irish eyes are smiling

Long gone are the days when this country was one of the poorest in Europe and its natives fled to all corners of the globe in search of a new life. Today, it is cool to be Irish and, thanks to the likes of the Boyzone, Corrs and U2, images of Ireland now pervade popular culture across the globe. The Ireland of the new millennium is a progressive European nation whose Celtic Tiger economy is booming. Not only Irish eyes are smiling as more and more tourists discover Ireland for themselves.

Dublin is the spiritual and cultural heart of the Emerald Isle. Crowding around the banks of the River Liffey, the city, like the country, is bound in layers of history, back to the days when the Celtics wandered the peat bogs, to the present that sees the city overflowing with hip bars and nightclubs.

The cities of Cork, Galway and Limerick can boast their own charms, but it is out in the rolling countryside that you can witness the idyllic Ireland of the movies. In the atmospheric pubs, you can experience the legendary craic where music and song lead the evening. You can ramble over the hills of Glenmalure or sail through the mist shrouded Pater-Noster Lakes, places that seem a million miles away from the touristy Dublin.

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