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About Institutes and Universities of New Zealand

The New Zealand Universities listed hereunder are not based on any of the Rankings but enjoy the status of all-times excellent higher study destinations of New Zealand’, generally, in terms of attracting ‘best students’ and ‘education and research system’. Strongly resembling the University education system of UK, New Zealand Universities has world’s best Universities that are most sought-after by many international students every year. There are eight state-funded universities offering world-class higher education to students from across the world.

Research is the key area in New Zealand Universities that set apart Universities from other tertiary education institutions in New Zealand. New Zealand universities maintain a high level of research activity that continues to be globally recognized.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington, also known in Māori as Te Whare Wānanga o te Ūpoko o te Ika a Māui, was established in 1897 by Act of Parliament, and was a former constituent college of the University of New Zealand. It is particularly well known for its programmes in law, the humanities, and some scientific disciplines, but offers a broad range of other courses as well.

Entry to all courses at first year is open, although entry to second year in some programmes (eg, law, criminology, creative writing, architecture) is restricted. Victoria had the fourth highest average research grade in the New Zealand Government’s Performance-Based Research Fund exercise in 2006, having been ranked 3rd in 2003.

University of Waikato

The University of Waikato is located in Hamilton and Tauranga, New Zealand, and was established in 1964. It has strengths across a broad range of subject areas, particularly its degrees in Computer Science and in Management. It�s School of Māori and Pacific Development is acknowledged as the world centre for study in this subject area. In 2007 over 12,000 students were enrolled at the university. More than a quarter of students were aged over 25, and over half were women. It has the highest proportion of Māori students on any campus in New Zealand. The Māori character of the campus is an important aspect of its overall identity.

University of Otago

The University of Otago has New Zealand’s highest average research quality and in New Zealand is second only to the University of Auckland in the number of A rated academic researchers it employs. It topped the New Zealand Performance Based Research Fund evaluation in 2006. Otago graduates are among the most dispersed university alumni in the world, due in part to New Zealand being considered a relatively good destination by many Asian students and with the greater variety of jobs, opportunities and salaries on offer overseas for New Zealand students graduating from an established university.

Many graduates ultimately settle in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Singapore or parts of New Zealand beyond Otago. Otago is known for its student life, particularly its flatting. The nickname Scarfie comes from the habit of wearing a scarf during cold southern winters.

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury, New Zealand’s second-oldest university, operates in the suburb of Ilam in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. It offers degrees in Arts, Commerce, Education (physical education), Engineering, Fine Arts, Forestry, Law, Music, Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy, Science, Sports Coaching and Teaching.

University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest university and the top-ranked New Zealand University in the THES – QS World University Rankings. Established in 1883 as a constituent college of the University of New Zealand, the university is now made up of eight faculties over six campuses, and has more than 39,000 students at April 2006. Over 1300 doctoral candidates were enrolled at the University of Auckland in 2004.

It offers a wide range of programmes including Arts, Business, Education, Music, Teacher Training and Special Education, Architecture, Planning, Nursing, Creative and Performing Arts, Theology, Science, Information Management, Engineering, Medicine, Optometry, Food and Wine Science, Property, Law, Fine and Visual Arts and Pharmacy. It also provides the most conjoint combinations across the entire nation, with over 35 combinations available.

Massey University

Massey University is one of New Zealand’s largest universities with approximately 36,000 students.The University has campuses in Palmerston North. Wellington (in the suburb of Mount Cook) and Auckland (at Albany). In addition, Massey offers most of its degrees extramurally within New Zealand and internationally. It has the nation’s largest business college. Research is undertaken on all three campuses.

Massey University is the only university in New Zealand offering degrees in aviation, dispute resolution, and veterinary medicine. Having been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Massey veterinary school now has the distinction of having its degree recognised not only by New Zealand, but also the United States, Australia, Canada, and Britain, as well as most other countries in the world. This is an honour shared by only a handful of other institutions.

Lincoln University

Lincoln University is a New Zealand university that was formed in 1990 when Lincoln College, Canterbury was made independent of the University of Canterbury. Its undergraduate study areas include agriculture, commerce, computing, engineering, environment, food, forestry, horticulture, hospitality, landscape, Māori planning, property, recreation, sciences, transport and winemaking. Lincoln University has a student population from more than 65 different countries. Its primary campus is situated on 50ha of land located about 15 km outside the city of Christchurch in Lincoln, Canterbury.

Auckland University of Technology

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the newest university in New Zealand. It was formed on 1 January 2000 when the Auckland Institute of Technology was granted university status. Its primary campus is on Wellesley Street in Auckland’s Central business district (CBD). A secondary campus is at Akoranga on the North Shore. A new Manukau Campus will open in 2010.

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