Study Tips

Tips before Studying Abroad !

1. Know that you will not know everything
Know about the country you are going to, study the culture and people you’re gonna involved with, adjustment must have a big effort on your part, have a book or guide to learn more, the more you know the less problem you’ll have. Take notes of the important events you will encounter and study them for proper adjustment.

2. Prepare for the alone-time
 When you’ve arrive to your destination on a country , you are all alone , take time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings because living abroad is a big difference compared to your hometown, enjoy yourself while there, make a experience of a life time, don’t let yourself bore you to death, just observed your new environment learn stuff.
3. Be patient with yourself–embrace the changes
Slowly but surely, be patient enough to understand things around you, don’t let the pressure of knowing all in a day bugs you , it will come one step at a time. Have a list of plan per day that will optimize your learning , friendship and many more. All will come at right time at right place. More than try to squeeze your new temporary life into an order you recognize, see the disarray as an order of its own kind. See those changes as opportunities to push yourself into growth.

4. Take a camera and THEN some.
 It says a pictures tells everything, so try having to take picture of your new found surroundings, it will lower your pressure being alone in a country, make an album to the places you’ve been through, compile each of them for a memorable school year. And it is a good habit to fight for being alone and enjoy your stay there.
5. Journal
Have journal while there , write down your experience , your day in a class or how you met friends it is a sure anti boredom, and it is fun reading back all the experience you have during your study abroad.