Why Choose us?

Why Choose AMERICAN?

Choice of courses and educational institutions
As we deal with many reputed educational institutions across globe offering variety courses in various disciplines, our clients are better informed about the choices available to them

All under one roof
Our services are offered under one roof and can be packaged together, which include placement in colleges/ universities, packaged courses, visa services, IELTS coaching, NAATI test preparation, accommodation, ticketing, job search, resume preparation and many other settlement related services.
Free services
Most of our services, such as student counseling, placement in educational institutions, career counseling, job search, accommodation search and resume preparation are free.
Confidentiality and privacy
We do not disclose any personal and confidential information or expose client records to anyone unless authorized by the client..

We value your feedback
As a professional company, we are dedicated to our clients in order to maintain our core values and achieve our mission. We always welcome any input from our clients which may help us serve you better.
Document delivery and handling
Document delivery and handling is done with utmost care using reliable and fast postal/ courier services so as to achieve results effectively and efficiently.
Ticket booking
We help find discounted fares for students. At  AMERICAN, we purchase tickets locally and abroad to ensure that our clients get the best price Pre-departure assistance/advice. Pre-departure assistance/advice about the flight, airline transits, airport pick-up, things to carry and a brief review on how to report to university/college.
Airport Pick-up
If you require, we can arrange an airport pickup for you.
Arrival alert/ notification
When a student arrives, the sponsors/ parents are immediately notified by e-mail or telephone call

Post Arrival Assistance
Post arrival assistance is personally done by  AMERICAN representatives after the student arrival in Sydney.
UPDATES on the Application Status
AMERICAN representatives frequently communicate with clients/ students or their local representatives in their home countries on matters related to application progress for enrolment in the college/ university and status of visa application.